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A Queen is a powerful woman who has overcome many challenges. She knows that she is
capable of ANYTHING she puts her mind to. She is a victor and not a victim. She focuses on
the possibilities, and gives little energy to the unchangeable.

A Queen focuses on the good within herself, and does not compare herself to others. She
accepts guidance, and knows that by herself she can do great things, but working together
with others, she can move mountains.

A Queen is realistic with her goals, but also does not allow mediocrity to be a trait she
possesses. She understands and accepts that hard work is mandatory for her success in all
areas of her life, and is willing to put in the necessary work.

A Queen puts herself first, as she is aware that she cannot pour out of an empty cup. She
works diligently to become the best version of herself, by HER standards.
A Queen focuses on her progress daily, and turns a deaf ear to all negativity. She knows that
having haters comes with the territory of doing something phenomenal, but won’t be
distracted by it.

A Queen keeps it real with herself, doesn’t take failure as an option, doesn’t compromise,
and doesn’t fear a challenge. She takes action, uses her initiative and wisdom, and pushes
through physical and mental barriers.

A Queen knows that without a healthy mind and body, she cannot be the best version of
herself. Therefore, she rises to the occasion each day to step into her greatness.
Doubts, fears, excuses and failure are all obsolete when a Queen steps into her rightful

A Queen CAN!

This is a HIIT Day, choose whether you want to do the beginner level or advanced level HITT from the play section. 

Today is self care. You can choose to stretch or foam roll or do both, but you must do one.